Standees aka retractable banners help your product/company/service to stand out.

Let's make a strong and powerful statement with your products and services. We use standees to grab the attention of potential customers in a given area. We understand how to use marketing promotion tools strategically. Standees are one of them. We help you to create the picture-perfect look for your target customers by providing the best standee designing and printing solutions.

Standees allow you to have a larger image and presence in a high traffic area. The marketing materials are usually six feet tall and three feet wide, allowing it to reflect directly back to one looking at the picture.

The standees are able to provide you with the materials that define your business presence. Unlike brochures, flyers or other smaller marketing promotional items, you have a larger-than-life projection of your products. You stand out from competitors because of the approach that is used through these standees.

Get ahead of your competitors and allow your brand identity to stand on its own. Standees are

  • Used at various locations
  • Easy to set up and reusable
  • Build your brand
  • Durable
  • Used to communicate your message effectively


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