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What We Do

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Among all the industries that we serve, healthcare shares a significant part of our clients. We have been immensely lucky to assist the industry who saves lives and is for the better of mankind. Healthcare and medicines are indestructible and inevitable dynamics across the globe. The need for the same is now a lot more than it ever was. Trimitiy has done relishing work in the respective range of clients. You take care of people and we take care of you. Take a moment from curing and check out the work we have performed.

Subtle Logo Designing

The first step to build a company’s image is to form a logo. Comprehensively designed identification of the company. Thus, logo designing is crucial and has to be done thoughtfully. We have designed such logos for various branches of Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital such as critical care, abdominal, epilepsy, joint replacement, and many more. We have also designed logos for Narayani Cancer Clinic, Borikar Hospital and so on.

We put forward designs for certificates, files & folders, and standees for our clients. These aspects of branding are first-hand demands and very important. Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital has been at the receiving end for the longest time. Along with DMH, we have also designed these for Narayani Cancer Clinic.

Appealing Designing and Display

Apart from the customary and artsy work we have done for our clients, in healthcare advertising, we have done some unconventional and different varieties of brand identities, site branding, marketing, web, and digital marketing. We prepare medical brochure designs along with flyers, flexes, boards, posters, visiting cards, and other identities and site branding material. Also, emailers, event badges, invitation cards, posters, PPT templates, a variety of forms, panel designs for exhibition stall, calendar designs, and newspaper & video ads for our other clients like Lipomic, MD India, and so. Healthcare and medicine is by far the widest categorized industry there’d been. For such a huge array of industries, we also have contributed a huge amount of working hours, efficiency and creativity.

Multilingual Writers

Trimitiy also fosters a falcon-like team of content writers who set the things in motion just with trenchant words. This team not only writes authentically but also translates. For our client, Dr. Praveen Patil, we have translated their entire website from English to Marathi. One benefit healthcare advertising preserves is that it has so many branches and so many varieties of treatment providers to work with. Multi-specialty hospitals, cancer clinics, laser therapy, homeopathy, medical simulators and equipment providers, sanitary napkins manufacturers, health test device makers, ayurveda, and many such for whom we are gratifyingly working. The healthcare industry is not a business machine. It holds more importance to it than just making money. It is sensible. While making creative, this was the ground reality that we aimed at. Refined designs with peaceful colours that display the trust and faith people put while dealing with intricate matters. The images and designs have to as assuring as the industry is trying to forecast. The same logic goes with content too. Trimitiy is smart and reliable with respect to any industry’s demands and challenges.

Impressive Video Ads

In the era of video advertising, we have marked our presence. We have made videos for our client Samvedenaa displaying their services of laser therapy. Showing the areas of joint pain, how Samvedenaa helps in overcoming the pain with patience. The video is made with proper audio and video effects for the brand’s advertising. We have also made videos for their social media promotion for special days. LabIndia also offers laser therapy and equipped with advanced techniques. We have made video advertising for their services and created awareness among social media and the website. Video advertising is essential to build the influence of your brand image. Trimitiy provides the best services of video & gif making and advertising.

Responsive Websites

Like any other industry, even healthcare advertising needs a well-built and developed website that updates people for many services they offer. From our cluster of clients, we have had the pleasure to design the websites for a healthcare giant like DMH along with Samvedanaa, Lab India, Homoeo Laboratories and many more. Following the colours and theme for what our clients stand and design their aesthetics within the same frame of reference. But the work doesn’t just end with website designing. The development, testing, and maintenance of the website are also important.

Surgical Online Campaigns

Social Media awareness is the next big thing. We organize online campaigns for digital marketing in the healthcare industry. We take care of your social media handles and craft ideas to market and promote your brand. We sweat for the upliftment of your brand image on every digital platform by planning different strategies. Healthcare digital marketing is as essential as required for other industries in the business and marketing sector. With diseases to curb, all kind of advanced technology is needed today and those who have it should be easily accessible. Just right there, Trimitiy comes in handy and it puts you on the stage for the whole world to witness.

We encourage all those who belong to the healthcare and medicine sector to come out and heal the wounded ones. We look up to you for saving lives and accomplish the impossible that ordinary humans can’t. You are miracle makers. It is our responsibility to make you the prime focus of everything that is human and drive the traffic towards you for finding solutions. Make it all happen under just one roof, Trimitiy Studios. We provide everything that you need and we provide only the best.


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