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What We Do


Manufacturing industries prudentially are the power and future generating unit. The manufacturing business is the backbone of our economy to generate incomes and elevate those below the poverty line. Manufacturing companies seek greater potential than taught otherwise. It generates leads to productivity, employment, strength, brain-freezing technologies, trading, etc. Manufacturing industries share a key role in the impact of the country’s global status. This industry is known for its versatility to source paychecks and also hoist India’s position as an impending leader worldwide. Trimitiy comprehends the challenges to face in such a wide industry that takes care of many things. We feel completely blessed having to work for manufacturing companies and helping them be the resource engine to many others. Scroll down for further finding out the intriguing work and efforts we have put for our happy clients in the manufacturing industry.

Perfectly Structured Designs

The reach of manufacturing industries is like a wildfire. With multiple twigs, it has multiple sources to produce output and gross income. We have had the biggest window of opportunity to work with manufacturing companies. By putting our creativity through versatility, we manufacture some of the exquisite designs for our clients belonging to the same. Their brand identity, flyers, brochures, logo, and many others. One of our clients is Unique Systems & Engineers, a manufacturing company doing sheet metal works. We have designed their logo in an elegant style. Simpler and clear approach hence opted for a shade of blue and grey to represent trust and reliability. Swaroop Techno Components have also been one of our long-running clients in manufacturing business. The contribution and sweats our teams of graphic designers and content writers have encompassed are truly notable. STC manufactures domestic flour mills; we have designed their product catalogue in English, Hindi, and Marathi along with user manual in three languages with the same format. The designs and language of information are subtle just as the client asked. We have also designed banners for them. Along with industrial and equipment manufacturers, we have served different eras of manufacturing industries with our diligence and innovations.

Graphics In Motion

While promoting the brand, Trimitiy makes sure to cover every aspect. We opted for video advertising along with usual social media posts for Rucha Yantra LLP. Being the innovators in the manufacturing industry, the promotion had to be different than the rest for our clients, Rucha Yantra just like they are. We have made infographic videos highlighting the attributes of their products. Our video makers have edited and made a video of the realistic working of their product in an industrial environment. For special days, to promote on social media, to put up on the website, for branding, Trimitiy makes a lot of effort in video making and to market your brand as widely as possible.

Captivating Website Design & Development

Apart from graphic designing and content writing, our team of website designers and developers have also contributed significantly in the same industry. We have designed websites for many of our clients. Lady Fresh is a manufacturing company that makes sanitary napkins for women. This also is a completely different segment from usual industrial manufacturing. As it is for women of society, the colours we chose for the layout of the website were a little feminine like pink and purple. The images that we used on the website manifested strong, empowered women encouraging the use of hygienic sanitary pads. Our client Armstrong who manufactures equipment for intra-logistics and automation, also warehousing gears and many more. Armstrong is known for delivering the best in class products hence the look of the website was undoubtedly classy. Interpreting their requirements accurately, we gave their website the perfect corporate touch. Such and for many of our clients, we thrive for perfection and develop the websites. We upload high-quality images and correct forms as per the client asked. Trimitiy is in the advertising sector for quite a long time now. Our happy clients speak for our experience and the level of quality we ensure.

Ranking Up On Search Engines

Evaluation of the search engine ranking of every company is an aspect of solemn consideration. One needs to constantly pay attention to this in order to promote your brand and grab attention. We are fortunate to have a diligent team of digital marketing who take care of your online reputation, promote your brand image, advertise through variation of campaigns, who rank up your website by acutely doing search engine optimization, and so many other services digital marketing has to offer. One such example from our clients is Rucha Yantra LLP, a manufacturing company that makes AGVs. Their products are made completely putting the needs of industry first. The company is made with young engineers and entrepreneurs. We have had a golden opportunity to perform SEO services for their website. We have also run retainership for them. We took care of their social media handles and uniquely promoted their products as they are. Along with these services, we have also served clients from the chemical manufacturing industry backgrounds like Asha Resins who makes chemical solutions and treatments. Our client list also includes companies that manufacture equipment for hospitals.

We are motivated to always look forward to serving one of the enormous industries of all time. Enthusiasm for learning and creating something better than before runs in our DNA and that’s what nourishes our roots of creativity.


Our Happy Clients