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People come to you because you do what they can't. You provide them the best you can. But when you can say this? Exactly when you satisfy your customer to the fullest. Satisfying your customer... Easy task? Definitely not. Impossible task? Absolutely not. So how do you do it? Follow the scroll.

Treat them like a king

Remember, Customer IS The King and WILL BE The King. So treat them like a King. Be a listening ear to them. They will pour their needs out, contain them appropriately. Shape them accordingly. Present them aptly.

Gift your time

Your customer can't hop on running train. Be a station. Don't just give your time, gift it to them. Lend as much time as you can. Even time is a very precious thing, you have to invest that much to get expected returns. Help them to understand the flow.

Picture perfect

Give them the transparency. In your process, in your service. Make them visualize a picture that is perfect. Leave them no space for any doubts. Make everything very clear to them that they don't have to ask "What?"

What they want

Consider your customers' needs. Even if they keep changing, deliberately consider them. If they can't put it right, try to understand what they exactly want. Make them understand what you can deliver for their needs.


If they can't trust you now, they will trust you never. Be believable. Give them a reason to trust you. Show them that they can have faith in you with all their heart. Put them at ease so they don't have to worry. Customers love it when they don't need to focus on such things.

At the doorstep

Deliver your service in time. Make your service prompt that will surprise them. There is no day and night in service providing. There is just TIME. Try to be at their service whenever and wherever they want.

Down to earth

Whenever you speak with your customers, be respectful. Use a polite tone no matter what the customer's tone is. Behave yourself- in person, over the call, in the mail, in any chat. One mistake and you are doomed.


Develop a bond of relationship with your customers. It's not about what you do, how you do it makes a great difference. When they are comfortable with you, they rely on you. This is the best type of relationship you can have.

Thank you and Sorry

ALWAYS say 'Thank You' to your customers. Even you are serving them, you should be thankful to them for the work they've given you, for their time and patience. If they are satisfied with your work, say Thank You. If they are not satisfied, immediately apologize to them and make corrections. Don't leave them unanswered. They will be thankful to you for that and won't feel sorry for your poor manners.

To be continued...

Does it stop at delivering the product? NO. Take feedbacks. Keep in touch with them. Remind them that you once have served them. They will always remember you, recommend you and come back to you for their next requirement.


Build Your Brand, Build Whole!